Beefeater 24

North Design were working with Beefeater 24 on a new design/visual concept for the Beefeater 24 bottle.

As part of the new launch, Beefeater 24 wanted to have a series of ‘How To’ videos, which they could put on social media, showing how their Gin could be used in a selection of different cocktails.

The videos were shot in London at the Beefeater Distillery. Working closely with the design lead from North and a ‘mixologist’ from Beefeater. Over 3 days in their onsite bar, we worked through all of the 6 different cocktails, from 4 different angles. 

Part of the challenge, was trying to keep the videos on brand with the new style. So, working with blackout curtains, top down lights and red gels, we managed to create the look that was needed. Then making sure that we had continuity across all 3 days.